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Toilet Cubicle System, Washroom Cubicle System

An ELEGANT combination of SPACE & HYGIENE

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T-LINE - Toilet Cubicles, Washroom Cubicles, Restroom Cubicles


T-Line Toilet Cubicles, Toilet Partitions, Washroom Solutions, we can provide widest range of Toilet Cubicle, Shower & Change Room Partition, Urinal dividers, Lockers.


...An ELEGANT combination of SPACE & HYGEINE, FINEST materials, A PRODUCT to suit your STYLE and BUDGET...




T-line TOILET CUBICLE INDIA is upcoming brand in building materials, interiors & exteriors related products toilet cubicle, washroom cubicle, toilet partitions, rest room cubicles, bathroom partitions, urinal partitions, toilet cubicles accessories, cubicle products for school, shopping mall, nursery children, shower room in gym sports complex, five star hotels & restaurants, corporate offices and buildings. Made using Compact Grade Solid Laminates used as the main partitioning material which is fixed using varieties of sections and different types of hardware.


T-Line - The new age concept of toilet cubicle, washroom cubicles, restroom cubicles, toilet partition system, urinal partitions decor high on aesthetics & low on cost, a fast & flexible system completing today's contemporary washroom needs. Our toilet cubicles and washroom partitions system combine cutting-edge innovation with superb performance and aesthetics, with solutions to satisfy the most demanding brief. Best Toilet Partitions and Urinal Partitions in India. T-Line besides being waterproof, allows you the freedom of design & blends into any decor with an array of colors. Exclusively imported and distributed across India by INNER SPACE, Mumbai.


Our product range includes Toilet Cubicles & Partition systems, Toilet Partitions, Urinal Partitions, Commercial Toilets, Rest room partitions, Toilet cubicle accessories, Toilet cubicle hardware, Urinal partitions, modesty panel, Handicapped toilets, Handicapped toilet accessories and more. Made from Eco friendly materials that ensures saving of space, low in maintenance and improved hygiene, every product is resistant to water & fire, also resistance to harmful germs and cleaning agents. suitable for heavy traffic areas, under high moisture and humid conditions. Our toilet cubicles and washroom systems has cutting-edge technology with superb performance and aesthetics, we provide advance solutions to meet the today's customers needs..

We have always listened to our customers and encouraged feedback, in terms of cubicle design, materials used and value for money.


Range of Toilet Cubicles & Toilet Partitions


T-Line toilet cubicles are designed with the consumer in mind. We provide a service that comes with support for multiple washroom sectors, which means we have toilet cubicles for every scenario.


>Hpl board modular toilet cubicle nylon crown leg type
> Nylon Series Washroom Partitions
> SS Stainless Steel Series Restroom  Cubicle
> Designer Change room Modular Partitions
> Glass Door Washroom Cubicles
> Aluminium Series Washroom Cubicles
> Urinal Partitions & PD Doors
> Children Change room Partitions
> Handicap Toilet Cubicles
> Toilet Cubicles at Best Price in India
> HPL Board Modular Bathroom Partition Panels
> Washroom Divider Panel & Designs
> Shower Cubicles Panels
> Restroom, Bathroom and Toilet Cubicle Panels


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    > No wet work involved.
    > Fast and accurate toilet cubicle installation.
    > Meets Green Building requirements.
    > Top & bottom gaps not only ensure air ventilation but also aid zero water & dust logging
       or simply put high hygiene standards.
    > Safe & easy to handle by children & the handicapped.
    > Discover a full range of toilet cubicles and washroom systems online with T Line Toilet Cubicle.
    > Give an elegant makeover to your washrooms, restrooms with an exclusive range of shower, bathroom and toilet cubicle partitions from T Line Toilet Cubicle.